May 22, 2004

Where oh where are you tonight?

Stupid damn electronics department! As you all have likely seen before, the average ED has at least one setup of a DVD player out front. They generally have the "latest big release" playing on it, and I have to walk by it at least 8 times a day, and sometimes much more. You can imagine the hell that I went through when The Haunted Mansion was playing there 24/7.

On Thursday of this week, I go walking out from the back room to start my shift, and I happen to see what I immediately recognized as Hee Haw. (I'm not sure if it's stranger that I noticed it, or that I automatically knew what it was.) Since Thursday, I've been dodging a bullet, and that particular projectile smacked me right between the eyes today.

I'm ashamed to say that I was walking down the aisles singing along. If the title hasn't already put the song in your head, see below.

Where Oh where
are you tonight?
Why did you leave me here all aloooone?
I searched the world over and thought I found true love.
You met another and Ptptptpt you were gone.

Now I've got that damn thing bouncing around between my ears, and I have no idea when it will stop. Since the fine ditty above does have a bit of a Blues feel to it (the words anyway), I believe I'll pop a little Stevie Ray Vaughan into the CD player. There ain't nothin' that a little blues can't cure.

Posted by Johnny - Oh at May 22, 2004 07:18 PM

My dad used to watch Hee Haw religiously when I was growing up. Since that was back in the dark ages of "one TV per household", I usually watched it with him.

I can still sing that damn thing.

As well as other classics, such as:

Now we're not ones to go around spreading rumours.
Really, we're just not the gossiping kind.
Oh you'll never hear one of US repeating gossip.
So you better be sure to listen close the first time.

Scarred. For. Life.

Posted by: Harvey at May 23, 2004 01:32 PM

Thanks for the memories. /Bob Hope

Jeez Harv. I could have gone the rest of my life without remembering that song. I guess when the say "Don't pick at it" this is was they're talking about. It was healed over nicely, but now it's blleding like a seive.

Posted by: Johnny - Oh at May 23, 2004 09:04 PM

Waal so this song has a way of coming back into people's minds? I thought I was the only one. Can any one tell me who sung the song and where one can get a copy of it and its lyrics.



Posted by: kalolo at January 28, 2005 06:13 PM

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Posted by: garden state at February 23, 2005 07:51 PM

where oh where are you tonight..........
ok ok its in my head. do you know the guitar cords by chance? bill

Posted by: bill at April 26, 2005 09:11 PM
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