July 11, 2004

there's only 25 minute's here.

Since I had to work this morning, I was unable to watch the British Grande Prix at the Silverstone Circuit when it aired at 7:30AM EDT this morning. Thank goodness the Speed channel (the only channel that airs Formula One racing here in the US.) is rebroadcasting this evening.

I am always very careful on GP race day, to make sure that I don't check any news sources that will give away the winner. I rarely am off fromwork on a Sunday, so this is a precaution I have to take. I Hate learning who won a race before I've had a chance to see what all transpired to create that win. (Although, I'll still watch the race even if I do know the winner.)

I watch a lot of NASCAR races, and they interest me, but not nearly as much as F1 or Rally or even the endurance races. The main difference is in the fact that of the four racing styles I've mentioned, three of them actually have right turns. NASCAR predominantly runs on Oval tracks, counter-clockwise.

It kind of upset me after the last Nascar Road course race to hear quite a few Americans and Canadians say things like "I have no idea why NAscar even has road courses" and similar things along that line. It upsets me that people don't realise that if it is difficult to set a car up for four corners and a "short-chute" (all turning left), that it is orders of magnitude more difficult to set it up for 12 to 18 corners, all of different speeds and directions.

There is so much more that goes on on a road course, and that's it's allure to me. Race is starting. Gotta go.

Posted by Johnny - Oh at July 11, 2004 10:33 PM
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