August 14, 2004

Mind like a - Mark 2 a spotlight. Yes it's true. I can focus in on a problem like it's no tomorrow. Give me a complex scenario and I will pick it apart like a "picker aparter" picking something apart. I swear.

As my dear blog sister Teresa expounded upon in the comments to the previous post on this subject, It all hinges on the complexity of the task at hand. In her comment she specifically mentioned "programming" which I will take as meaning "coding". My primary job was to ensure that the 14 phone switches were recording accurate data into our displsy that was up on our data wall. Each "switch" had a minimum of 25, and ranged up to 75, different "splits". Each split was designated by its own number, locally to the individual switch, but was not exactly unique.

Let's say that on switch 1, split 25 corresponded to client x. But on switch 2 (a completely different facility which may have been completely across the country from switch 1) also corresponded to split x. There may or may not be a third split that was assasociated with the first two. My job was to ensure that the "Service level" (Calls offered/calls answered) was properly recorded on a real time, and historical basis. Needless to say, this is not exactly a "simple" thing to do.

The guy who had the nerve to make this observations about my work habits was caught (by me personally) playing online poker (on multiple occasions), when he should have been watching the display that I designed. He has a job now running a call center for a completely different type of thing. He bitches that he "wished that the crew he had before". I'm seriously tickled that I didn't let myself be recruited by him. Otherwise, I'd be supporting a person who couldn't "tech" his way out of a wet paper bag, but has the audacity to denigrate my work ethic.

As for my lack of Mutli-tasking skills, he can go get fucked. He couldn't even maintaine one of the tasks he was asking me to do all day every day. That's what I call a "hypocrite".

Have you met one?

Posted by Johnny - Oh at August 14, 2004 12:35 AM
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