August 23, 2004

My copilot.

After I posted this morning, I did not "pass go", and went directly to the lake to spend some time with my parents. I always enjoy it when I go out there, whether I'm out in the fishing boat with my Dad, sitting on the front deck of the houseboat with my Mom, or having a meal with both of them and a few of thier neighbors. Another bonus is that my Sister and Brother-in-Law also have a boat there at the Marina, so when I can get sown there on a weekend, I get to spend time with the whole "Fam Damnly" as it were.

It wasn't too long after I arrived that my Dad suggested that the "Jet Ski needs a workout", so I took it out for a little spin. Went across the lake and ogled a lot of very nice boats at the local yacht club. There's one out there that just stuns me every time I see it. 75 or 80 feet long, two enclosed decks, and another open deck above, two radar sets, I've never been inside that mother, but I'm sure it's just as beautiful. " 'N My Dreams"? You bet.

But that's not what I've come to talk about tonight. I came here to show you a little something. Here's the lead in: Dad suggested a little water skiing, and I was "down" with the idea. We all loaded up on the Jet-Ski, and headed out for the "Main Channel" of the river. Dad was driving, Mom was spotting, and I was out there on the ski's just having a ball. On ther first run, I was having fun messing with the local wildlife. Shortly after I "got up" on the ski's, Dad is steering around a couple of ducks that were just hanging out and minding their own business. Well, this would not do, so I jumped the wake, and headed right for the little web-footed quacker's. They (for good reason) vacated the general area, and I had a Big Grin on my face because I got to mess with a few water-fowl. (No birds were harmed in the making of this post.)

After awhile, my feet began to hurt (Because you set the bindings too tight, you idiot.) and my back was starting to hurt, (Because you're no longer sixteen, you moron.) so I decidedto throw the "Shut it down" signal and take a little break. I coast to a stop, and promptly sink down into the water to become wholly supported by my floatation vest.

After playing human "Bobber" for awhile, and just talking with the 'Rents (who remained aboard the Jet-Ski) I see a flash of color out of my left eye. After checking in that direction to find out what it was, I found a little frog had decided that I was a good stopping point for his trek across the lake. This little cuss just jumped right up on the shoulder of my float vest, and made himself "to home".

It became time to go for another run, so we set things up and took off. Just after I got on top of the water, I looked over to my right, and that little frog was still there. I'm not saying that he was giving me the "Peace sign" or anything, but he was definately hanging out and enjoying the ride. Shortly thereafter, after cutting a few wakes, I could no longer see my "little buddy" so I thought that he'd found the experience a little too intense, and hopped along his merry way. I was wrong.

My "leetle fraind" had decided that I was really cool and wanted to hang with me, so he stuck around long enough for my Mom to take a few candid shot of him. You can "Bear Witness" of them in the extended entry.

You'll have to look closely at the lower left portion of the image. Under the strap, you'll see him hiding from the camera.

There he is! (Poor focus, Sorry)

Here he is just hanging out after I'd taken the vest off. Doesn't look very photogenic does he?

But you'd be wrong! He's just sittin' there "All GQ".

I set the little guy free over on the bank, just because he put a smile on my face. From now on, my bumper sticker will read: "Frog is my copilot!"

Posted by Johnny - Oh at August 23, 2004 12:31 AM

That's too cool! And the bumper sticker idea; funny as hell! You've got to do it!

Posted by: That 1 Guy at August 23, 2004 01:59 AM

Let's see, friendly with frogs, unkempt hair, odd sense of humor...


Posted by: Harvey at August 23, 2004 02:12 PM
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