September 18, 2004


I've got a problem here people. You see, my local cable provider has WGN on channel 7, and the Cubs just started a game against the Reds. as I've stated before, I'm a Cubs fan, so I'd really like to watch the game. But I have duties.

Channel 8 is WVLT. The "W" is for "East of the Mississippi", and the "VLT" is for "Volunteer". As in The University Of Tennessee Volunteers. The Vols are having a little contest this evening with the Florida Gators (who are gonna lose). As a member in good standing of the Rocky Top Brigade, there's no way I can miss this game. I'm not sure that death would be a good excuse to miss this game.

(Moises Alou just spanked a Solo shot out of the park! Woot!)

Sorry about that. As I was saying...I Love my Cubbies, and I don't get a chance to see them play nearly enough, but tonight, I'm just going to have to "take one for the team" and watch some "Oblong Ball". I am happy that the channels are right next to each other, so I can switch between them with ease during commercial's and such.

Tammi and Eric have a side-bet going as well, so I'll have to make sure that I have my "gloating" post ready for when Tammi loses. Should be fun.

***UPDATE 9:42 PM Gators 21 Volunteers 14 at halftime. Cubs 5 Reds 6 in the Top of the 8th 2 outs 0-2 is the count with runners at first and second. I think I feel an Ulcer coming on.

***Update 10:10 PM Cubs lose 5 to 6. Dambit! Tennessee just stopped Florida's first drive in the second half. Maybe something will go good today.

***UPDATE 10:45 PM Tie ballgame. 21 to 21. The Vols defense woke up and stopped them short. The Gators missed a key field goal, and TN took control. Eric Ainge threw a pinpoint pass to the front corner of the endzone to score the touchdown. WooHoo!

Posted by Johnny - Oh at September 18, 2004 07:50 PM

I was hoping you made it home for the game.

Fla 21 UT 14 Oh, was that just a fumble by the Vols?!?!

Oops, that might just leave a mark. :-)

Gotta go. 7 mins left in the 3rd Quarter.

Posted by: Tammi at September 18, 2004 10:22 PM

Whoops. Missed that field goal by...I don't know...A MILE! :^) We're driving good now. Going into the fourth quarter. So far, this has been one hell of a game. It's a shame you're gonna lose. ;^)

Posted by: Johnny - Oh at September 18, 2004 10:40 PM

Talk about missing a field goal.

But you're right this is a damn good game.

Oh, and my Irish won today!!! :-)

Posted by: Tammi at September 18, 2004 11:26 PM

..heh... pay up, Tammidarling.... pay up...

Posted by: Eric at September 19, 2004 10:46 AM

Cool! I was wondering how they did. See? There's a Silver Lining in every cloud...and what Eric said!

Posted by: Johnny - Oh at September 19, 2004 04:10 PM

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