October 02, 2004

Buncha Losers

Well. My baseball team lost earlier today, and now my football team is losing tonight. To quote Mork: "Much depression. Heavy sigh." At least I've still got my health. (cough. cough. Haaaawk Thpoui!) Dangit!

I knew I shouldn't have bothered to watch this game, but I couldn't help myself. At least I can wear my Orange with a little Pride today. Orange 31 to 21 over Rutgers. Sweet.

On another Football related tangent, I was watching ESPN's score "Ticker" earlier this evening, and noticed that Harvard, Princeton, and Yale All won their games today. Must be something about the phase of the moon or something. Three BIG Ivy League schools won today. Somebody check the stats, because I'm not sure that this has happened before.

With that, I'm going to go cry myself to sleep.

Posted by Johnny - Oh at October 2, 2004 11:09 PM

Big Ivy always wins when they play high schools. They lose when they go against the Big Boys of the SEC.

Posted by: Boudicca at October 3, 2004 09:53 AM

I should have bet against them THIS week. Damn, I've always had bad timing (well, sorta)

And don't feel bad. My Irish got their balls served to them ala carte by Purdue yesterday. Yuck.

But the Gator's beat those Razorbacks. Gonna half to swing by a few of my friends sites, and kinda rub it in!!

I doubt my Bucs will win this afternoon - but at least I get to watch John Lynch play in Tampa again. Even if he is in the wrong damned jersey!!!

Posted by: Tammi at October 3, 2004 02:32 PM
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