December 04, 2004

Stuff that pisses me off...

It's usually just the little things. Stuff like:

My alarm didn't go off at 4:00 AM on Monday morning like it was supposed to. I woke up at a quarter to five, and I waws supposed to meet Ford at his place at five. Luckily, he had to pass really close by my house on the way to Chattanooga, so he was able to pick me up. We made it to the jobsite with plenty of time to spare, but dammit, I'm used to being punctual. I'm still a little pissed at myself about it, but I'll get over it.

Going back to the convenience store where I saw the "hot chick" from my last post, and finding that she wasn't there.

We expected to get the hoistway and car doors for the second freight elevator on Thursday. ETA 10:00 AM. It's a big job unloading those doors, so the office sent out three more men to help us. ETA also 10:00 AM. Ford and I arrive at the job at around a quarter-til-seven as usual, and we see a semi parked on the bridge just outside the gates. Sure enough, it's our load. After a brief conversation with the driver, we get to hear the good news. The doors weren't on his truck...he only had the rest of the parts for two of the three elevators to be installed on this job...and a second truck was on the way with the pieces for the other one. ETA 10:00 AM. After working for three days, getting the big rails stacked (and generally feeling pretty good about the progress of my welding skills) for nine hours each day, I was looking forward to getting a truck unloaded, and then getting a few other things done. What I got was: Arrived before sunrise, and got done with unloading the trucks, and moving the electronic pieces into the building, after sunset. It's not the Work that bothers me, it's the fact that we were told that we were getting one thing, and we got something else entirely.

I can't forget about the little issue of no storage space available onsite. We had to unload the trucks on an empty lot, and then move our stuff up into the building. The storage lot is across the bridge (that goes over a 4-lane highway) down the hill one block, and then another block back toward the job. You can see the museum from the lot, but you really have to jump through a lot of hoops to get your equipment up to it. As I was carrying a pump unit and controller assembly up to the site, the damn thing fell off of the forks of the Lull I was driving. Big crash, but it seems that only a door broke off of its hinges, and some brackets were bent.

There had been some talk about pulling Ford and I off of this job, and having us work in the Knoxville area again. I make the mistake of taking it to heart, and I start looking forward to coming home for awhile. About 45 minutes before we left the job, we finally find out that we'll be down there another week. Grrrr. Once again, it's not the fact that I'm working out of town, (That's part of the job) but don't tell me we're leaving, and then renege. That's a really quick way to get me upset.

It wasn't all bad, but I just wanted to bitch awhile and get it off my chest. Thanks.

Posted by Johnny - Oh at December 4, 2004 09:45 AM

Okay baby brother. Maybe this will help. Yesterday, I was called into the bossman's office with your supervisor for a meeting. He is not happy with the drillers on this job. They are why you will be going back. After he spoke with the driller's boss, he has expectations that you will be able to complete your end of the job next week. And I hate to say it but the 2 trucks (one unexpected) was either we didn't know or it didn't go through the proverbial vine.
And to help even more, there were many good things said about you in the meeting. The message sent by Ford to the office about an incentive to make you want to stay with the company was relayed. I had to keep my puffed up pride in check until lunch, it was very difficult. So, keep your chin up. Remember,bidness is bidness and that kaka occurs. When you are told you'll be going else where don't raise expectations until it happens and it will help you a lot. (The reneging happens alot in construction due to your supervisor may think one thing but the boss decides otherwise. Guess who always has the final say.) Hope you have a great weekend. I'll talk to ya later.

Posted by: ME at December 4, 2004 11:21 AM

"When you are told you'll be going else where don't raise expectations until it happens and it will help you a lot"

Reminds me of my Navy days:

"Well be pulling into the Philippines for 2 weeks of fun and relaxation!"

Followed immediately by:

"Whoops. We're actually staying out to sea, instead. Nevermind."

Posted by: Harvey at December 4, 2004 01:42 PM

Ah yes, Harv. "Grab your gear, and head to the ramp. We're heading out."

2 hours later: "Stand down." Repeat within 4 hours, for a week long stretch. *Grrrrrr*

Yeah, Johnny-Oh, they're small things, but when they stack up, a person can easily turn into a crab-ass!

Hope the coming week goes a little smoother.

Posted by: That 1 Guy at December 5, 2004 10:29 PM

Maybe it will make it easier if you consider your job to be one long remodelling project... you know everything that can go wrong will! That way when something goes right for once you can be suitably impressed and happy. I've had several major remodelling jobs done on a couple of houses we've owned - something ALWAYS goes wrong. And it's usually on a grand scale... no matter how hard you try to make sure it doesn't happen. *grin*

Posted by: Teresa at December 6, 2004 12:44 AM
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