February 06, 2005

Songs of the Superbowl.

Just before the half ended, I heard what is now one of the quintessential "sports songs" being played over the speakers there in Jacksonville. The song is called "Rock and Roll part. 2". Wickipedia describes it thusly:

"Rock and Roll (Part 2)" is a glam rock hit performed by British artist Gary Glitter. It has become a popular song heard at various sporting events. The song itself is mostly an instrumental piece, with a rhythmic drum and bass line. Throughout the song, Glitter is heard to exclaim "Hey!", most notably three times at the song's chorus. At sporting events, the chorus is often played by itself while the fans yell "Hey!". The song is often played after the home team scores a point or goal or wins a contest.

I couldn't have said it any better, but I have a problem. You see, My dad had this particular cut on a 45 RPM record, and I would listen to it occasionally. There's an awful lot of "hey's" in that song, in fact other than one part where there's a lovely (totally rock-style) "Ooooooooow", it's the only lyric. I guess it's a good song though. Nice beat, nice Bassline, and the lyrics are easy enough for even the most drunken sports-goer.

My problem is this: I've heard "Rock and Roll Part 1". It was the "A" side on the 45. It is essentially the same song musically, but it had a feature that "Part 2" just didn't have...actual lyrics. I recall them as being pretty good too. Now, I can't hear a snippet of "Part 2" without inserting the lyrics from "Part 1". It drives me nuts. There I'll be, enjoying a frosty, malted, adult, beverage at a sporting venue, then suddenly I'm singing the lyrics aloud. I've gotten some strange looks, let me tell you. It's my impression that nearly noone else out there has actually heard "Part 1", so when I start jamming along, they can't comprehend that what I'm singing was actually a part of the song.

If you're interested, here are the lyrics that I remember:

Can you still recall, in the jukebox hall, when the music played?
And the world span round to those brand new sounds in those far-off days.
In their blue-suede shoes they would scream and shout.
And they'd sing the Blues. Let it all hang out.

Chorus: (This is the part that you hear mostly at the sporting events.)
Rock 'n Ro-oh-oh-ohl. Rock 'n Roll. (The "Hey" would go here if you were listening to Part 2.)
Rock 'n Ro-oh-oh-ohl. Rock 'n Roll.
Rock 'n Ro-oh-oh-ohl. Rock 'n Roll.
(Singer drops down an octave for this part)
Rock 'n Roll Rock, Rock 'n Roll.
Rock 'n Roll Rock, Rock 'n Roll.

Little queenie bopped at the high school hop, dancin' to the beat.
With a US Mail and a ponytail yeah she looked so sweet.
(This is the part where my memory fails to give me the rest of the lyrics)

Easy to see where the song title came from huh? So, have any of you actually heard Part 1? If so, do you suffer from the same affliction as I? Maybe we can start a twelve step program or something.

Posted by Johnny - Oh at February 6, 2005 08:47 PM

Google is your friend :-)

I'll save you the pop-ups & just put the whole thing here:

Rock'n Roll Rock, Rock'n Roll, Rock'n Roll Rock, Rock'n Roll

Can you still recall in the Jukebox Hall when the music played,
And the World span round to a brand new sound in those far off days,
In their blue suede shoes they would scream and shout
as they sang the blues let it all hang out...

Rock'n Roll Rock, Rock'n Roll, Rock'n Roll Rock, Rock'n Roll
Rock'n Roll Rock, Rock'n Roll, Rock'n Roll Rock, Rock'n Roll

Little Queen-ie bopped at the high school hop dancing to the beat
With her U.S. Mail and her pony tail well she looked so sweet
Times are changing fast, but we won't forget
though the age is passed we'll be rockin' yet

Rock'n Roll Rock, Rock'n Roll, Rock'n Roll Rock, Rock'n Roll
Rock'n Roll Rock, Rock'n Roll, Rock'n Roll Rock, Rock'n Roll
Rock'n Roll Rock, Rock'n Roll, Rock'n Roll Rock, Rock'n Roll......

Posted by: Harvey at February 7, 2005 01:41 PM
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