March 21, 2005

The Big "T"

So what do you do when your insomnia is acting up the night before a big trip? Well, you blog. Of course. It's kind of wierd that the guy who got hired on two weeks after I did, just got his own shop van and a company phone. I'm still a "fifty-percent helper". OF course, I've been out of town doing the big jobs, and he's been around the shop, and tying up loose ends. I've been learning the trade, and he's been thrown to the wolves. I must say that I'm a little jealous.

While I've been studying under the greats (Whgich boils down to watching them put the parts together while I get to sit around and watch), he's been out there getting it done. He is pretty good at it too. The worst part is that I like the guy, and we work quite well together. BUT. (There's always a but.) He doesn't know much about building "real" elevators. He's worked on chair-lifts, the most rudimentary of residential elevators, and that's about it. If you've been paying attention here, you know the scale of things that I've been doing. IT's difficult to keep things in perspective under the circumstances.

The last job that I was out on, Bryan drove his van out with Matt and I in attendance, to the site. Within 15 seconds of our arrival, I took over. In all fairness, the job includes a residential 3 stop lift that is a lot more reminiscent of a real elevator than what Bryan has previously experienced, but nonetheless, I took the damn job over. Through what I've experienced working on larger elevators, I was able to show him the mistakes he's made on this particular job. He was pissed at himself, to his credit, and I had to be the mentor to him, and encourage him that things would be okay. He's the lead guy on this trip, but I'm certain that I will actually be the MAN.

IT's just a part of me, that when I'm in my element, I assert myself. IF the responsibility is mine, then I will automatically lead, and do the most important stuff myself. Just like the guys I've been working under in the big jobs. I think that I'm (almost) naturally suited to the job of a lead mechanic. All I lack is the experience. The thing that is holding me back from getting a vehicle and a company phone of my own.

My Brother In Law keeps advising that I be patient, and I'm taking his counsel to heart. I have to wait for the recognition to come, and the little jobs like the ones I'm being sent on this week are the key. Soon, I'll be called upon to go out with a helpere, and install a "big" elevator on my own. That will be the day that I prove my worth to the company, and that's the day when the money will start rolling in.

I feel confident that my ability will shine through, but I must wait for the trust to be established. It takes awhile, but it can be done, and I'm just the guy to do it. This is an opportunity that will not (like as not) be repeated, so I must make the most of it. I intend to show my true colors on this trip, and it will go right! God save the one who fucks this up, 'cuz it won't be me.

Shortly I'll be in Birnimgham, AL, and after that, I'll be in Tuscaloosa. Home of the University of Alabama. A long-time rival of the University of Tennessee! therefore, as a member of the Rocjy top Brigade, it is my Duty to show the flag to the people of Alabama. So this afternoon, I bought a new baseball cap. It is camouflage, with a big Orange "T" in the middle. I initend to wear it during my entire time in the great state of Alabama. I wonder what the locals will say?

I'll tell them that the big "T" stands for "Tuscaloosa"> I wonder if they'll ge it?

Posted by Johnny - Oh at March 21, 2005 01:02 AM

I'm proud of you, my brother!

Regardless of what The Man does, you step in and do it your way. Great!

Posted by: _Jon at March 21, 2005 10:05 AM

Most impressive.

Makes me happy to see you doing well & making progress.

I love watching people climb :-)

Posted by: Harvey at March 21, 2005 01:57 PM
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