July 04, 2005


So...I went to the lake again today, as it is what good Americans do on Independance Day. (If you weren't at the lake, you're obviously a Commie, and need to be beaten and sent to a Gulag, where you'll be beaten some more.) When I got down there, all the women-folk had taken a trip out to the local Hobby-Lobby in search of crafting material for the creation of various and sundry items to be used/decorate their respective abodes. All the Guys were fishing. Good quality family time was being had by all.

My sister and Brother-in-Law had taken their houseboat, and headed down river to Tellico Lake to stay for the remainder of the week in a cove. They SUCK! I have to work. However, Dad mentioned that I could take the Sea-Doo out for awhile, and I got the notion of trying to catch up with my sibling. I advised Dad that I might be out for awhile, as the place where my Sis' was heading to is roughly 27 miles downstream. Sure, that's nothing when you're driving your car, but when on the river, it's quite a ways. I gassed that thing up and headed out.

Now, Dad's Sea-Doo is not slow by any stretch of the imagination. It tops out at around 55 to 60 mph if you're going wide open. That's not an option when you are cruising along with literally hundreds of other boats/Jet Skis/Houseboats/Cabin cruisers on the water with you at the same time. You see, Cabin Cruisers throw out a wake behind them that can be up to four feet high, and travels back and forth across the river. Hitting these waves at 50-plus mph could wind you up in the hospital pretty quick, so I ran the whole way at about 3/4 throttle (around 40 MPH).

I wound up catching my Sis' at about 3/4 of the way through their trip (Houseboats are slow), so I went ahead and scouted out a place for them to anchor. There was a lot of waiting involved for me, but luckily there was a lot of bikini-clad young lasses to ogle during my stoppage. Once they showed up, and got their anchors out, I got fed a nice meal, and headed on back to the marina.

Iwas out on the water for more than four hours today, and the sun was brutal. To say that I've been "Scourged by the Day Star" would be an understatement of epic proportions. The tops of my thighs, and my shoulders are redder than Carrie's Dress at the prom. Sunburn is a real bitch. With enough aloe-vera, I may be able to make it through work tomorrow. Dammit! I shoulda worn sunscreen. Luckily, I go from burned to bronzed in a couple of days..but it's gonna be an unconfortable couple of days.

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Great time not to have a camera handy :-P

Posted by: Harvey at July 6, 2005 11:53 AM

I'll save the pics until after I've morphed into a "Bronzed Adonis". I'll put me on some workboots, and have the women's all over me. It's gonna be sweet!

Posted by: Johnny - Oh at July 6, 2005 06:05 PM
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