July 23, 2005

Sarah's are entertaining.

Last night I went out to my favorite bar. This is something of a tradition for me, Friday night is "bar night". My roommate and myself just ease on down there, grab us a table, and proceed to talk about whatever subject is at hand (Meanwhile enjoying the scantily-clad scenery as it goes by.). We have a bit of a reputation in this place, as we used to be down there three or four nights a week, and we are trying to maintain our sterling reputation. We alway's flirt with our server's. Just light-hearted horsing around at first, but after they've served us a couple of times, we get downright dirty. We've made more than a few of them blush, but they alway's remember us. Steven and I are having a discussion about the merits of different WW2 airplanes, when one of the Manager's In Training comes up to say Hi to us. She was standing there no more than 30 seconds before Sarah comes walking up and tells her to stop trying to muscle in. "These are MY Men!" she said. It's nice to be appreciated.

A little later on, Sarah stops by for a celebratory beer for her finally getting back into radio. She dives right into stories about her trip to Arkansas, and all the work she did on different things out there. We also discussed all the things that are going on on our favorite blogs. Just a lot of fun to hang out with.

This morning, I've gotten to watch Sarah and Max playing all through the house. Sarah is a cross between a Black Lab and a Pit Bull Terrier. Just the sweetest little (Well, about 70 pounds of "little") puppy you'd ever want to meet. We are watching her for a friend while they are out of town. When she first was dropped off, she was extremely excited. Bopping around from room to room, and generally making a nuisance of herself. I was sitting in my easy chair playing a video game, and she just decides that she has to be in that chair with me. It's a challenge to drive cars around race tracks when you've got a big ole' dawg leaning on you. Max the beagle didn't quite take to her at first. Every time she would go up to him, he'd snap and bay at her. Steven tried to talk to Max and get him to chill out. After the fourth or Fifth episode of this, I had had enough. It was 11:15pm, and Max snapped at her. I recall utterring the words "that's IT" and dragging that dog to the back door and throwing him out into the back yard. He managed to get back into the house through the cat door (I can't believe he actually fit his ass through it.) and went over and laid down in the corner. Max and Sarah have been friendly ever since. I think I got through to him. Their play this morning has been right on the edge of bloody warfare, but it's still a pleasure to see two dogs rough-housing like dogs are wont to do.

Right now, having a bunch of Sarah's around is pretty cool.

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Damn...I wish I had a Sarah.


Posted by: Sarah the Penguin at July 23, 2005 05:38 PM

I had my niece Sarah over this weekend.

Sarahs just rock :-)

Posted by: Harvey at July 25, 2005 04:28 PM
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