August 01, 2005

The Mail.

I got a rare treat today! The little one went out to check the mail, and came back in stating that I'd gotten a package. Hmmn. I didn't order anything.I took a peek at the large manila envelope, and found the sender was Subterranean Press. Maybe I did order something after all. I ripped open my package and found a gleaming new copy of Agent to the Stars by John Scalzi. According to the invoice, I orderred this tome back on the twenty-seventh of March, so it's no surprise that it kinda slipped my mind.

If you're a science-fiction fan, I highly recommend checking out Scalzi's fiction work. He comes at things with a perspective that I think you'll find quit refreshing. I grew up on writers like Alan Dean Foster, to give you a perspective on the quaility of work.

Another good thing about getting this book is this:

I'll remind y'all that 10% of the cover price of each copy of Agent to the Stars goes to the Child's Play charity, which gets video games and other toys into the hands of kids in children's hospitals across the US, and also that I've made a pledge that if the entire print run sells out by December 31, I'll kick an additional $350 out of my own royalties.

Sounds good doesn't it? DOESN'T IT?

Anyway, I'm off to read my new book.

Posted by Johnny - Oh at August 1, 2005 10:02 PM | TrackBack

Yeah, he's a great writer.
I used to read his blog - in fact, "Whatever" is the first one I ever read.
Then, one day, he went all looney about the president and politics. I don't think he's ever been balanced since then for me....

Posted by: _Jon at August 4, 2005 09:49 PM
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