August 10, 2005

Tech Vs. Code.

This evening (After working 10 and a half-hour day), I arrived at the house only to discover that my roommate's both were having issues. Jenny was not making progress on the XBox game that she's been playing (The Chronicles of Riddick, for the curious) and needed me to get her where she needed to be. I had to fire up a new profile, and start over from the beginning. Unfortunately, I forgot to do something that is key to the progresion of the game, and I'll have to do it again. Ah well. If it makes her happy, then it's worth it.

Steven, on the other hand, had a problem that I was absolutely required to help him with. He works in a technical field, you see, but the issue is with communication. Luckily, I understand both. He tends to be a very "direct" individual; If it's a spade, he's not afeared to call it such, and back his assertions with proof. His delivery lacks "a little to be desired" though, so I "swoop in", and clean things up for him. He's mildly dislexic, so idea's don't "come acrosst" (yes I meant to type that "t".) when he's working in an e-mail environment, but that is most of his job. He is (essentially) a "go between" for his clients, and the geeks who they work for. He has to be able to translate "Geek" into "Customer", and go back and forth between the two. Luckily the Customer is a Geek too, so the translation is very minimal.

Lately, he's been having some trouble representing his client, due to a fuckup of a "Coder's" part. Steven requested that a change to the file structure that had been implemented be reversed, according to his client. The respoce from the "coder" was "Done". He informed the client that things were copacetic, but they found things to still be "not in order". He E-mails the Coder again, and asks about progress, and is absolutly BLASTED by the Coder. "Why don't you understand what I told you ?" is the essence of the conversation, but he actually didn't do what he said was "Done".

After perusing the that had gone back and forth from the "Coder" to the "Communicator" I determined that the changes that were suppossed to
have been made by the "coder" hadn't tranpired. It took three requests by the client (By way of Steven) to get things resolved.

What I helped him with was his response to his boss, since he's been caled on the carpet about his interraction with the Coder. It seems that "Coder boy" had gone to the boss in regards to this situation and complained that Steve was an Asshole because of how he had responded to a an Electronic Message that had been sent by the Coder.

I read through the correspondance between the hurt paties, and determined that Steven was in the right. He had requested the return of it's the code o it's original form, three times b3efore it actually became fact. The "Coder" told him it was "Done" shortly after the first request.

I took his vitriolic rant, and transposed it into something that a Vice President of the Company would read and comprehend. He's already gotten a message back from her that stated "I see your point"... as opposed to... Here's the door.

I'm proud that I could assist my friend in his endeavors.

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Well, I'm proud of you.
I see all those years of Sunday-school did you some good.

Posted by: Tuck at August 11, 2005 04:13 PM
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