January 17, 2006

Oops I... did it again.

I went over to help out Kev with the latest elevator "remodernization" on Friday, and got roped into staying on with him this week. It's "keen" though. I like Kev quite a bit, and we work well together. Unfortunately, he began feeling under the weather yesterday, and decided that he would sit today out, in hopes that he'll feel better soon. I suddenly went from "Helper" to "Mechanic-In-Charge" in the blink of an eye. No biggie though, I just kept powering on until the shop sent me out a helper. I got to figure out all the intricacie's of a Dover Door-Clutch with Car Gate Retainer, and had big fun doing it. My helper wasn't as irritating as he was on the Jail Job, so that was a plus as well (I guess if I take him in small doses, he's liveable to work with).

Toward the end of the day today, I realized that I would need to get some supplies from the shop before I head back over there in the morning, so I stopped by on my way home. I got some "electric eye's" (the infrared widgit that makes the door open back up when you stick your hand in front of it) orderred, and picked up some wiring conduit and fittings that I'll need, but the bifg thing was electrical schematics so I can take the old "Car Operating Panel" out and put the new one in. The "Papers (formerly known as) Prints" (aka: Wiring Prints) are kinda vital to ensuring that the new push buttons, both the door operator's, and the selector will actually you know, function, after the replacement. I have to be able to rewire them and such.

I go to rich (Who sells the Modernization's) and ask after the prints, and he directs me to my Sister who has them. She guives over the papers, and we discover that they are stapled together in three of the four corners. I ciommence on them with the staple-puller so I can make copies for out in the field. The first staple comes halfway out, and the second is stucjk in such a fashion that I can't even get the staple-puller under it. It's a Nightmare! I pull out my pocket-knife, and proceed to prize ion the ends of the staples in order to bend them into position for extraction. I get distracted by Rich's storytelling and WHAM! The blade slipped, and suddenly I'm bleeding. Suck finger-Suck finger (That'll make an intersting Google Search) and check the damage. Abbatoir! Suck finger-Suck finger and check the damage. Slaughterhouse! Head to the restroom for a quick "Run some water over it" and discover that I've cut myself pretty bad. I get some paper-towels,a nd quickly make myself a compress for it, and heaed back out into the office area. Whereas... I discover that I've left a blood-trail all the way from my sister's desk to the bathroom. I guess it's a good thing that there weren't any wolves in the office, or else I'd've been their supper this evening.

With a little assistance from Jennifer (The new office chick) I had a bandage on my boo-boo to make the Mummy proud. There ain't no stitches as there were the last time I hurt my finger, but there probably SHOULD be. When I decided to rejoin the blogosphere this evening, I realized that it's difficult to type with a huge bandage attached to your right index finger, so I decided on taking Eric's route to fixing these little issue's, and applied some super-glue to seal the wound (If you haven't read his post on that episode, well just start at the beginning of his archive's, and read forward. not only will you find it, you'll find so much more that's good, you'll probably have a aneurism and die... In a good way). I'm typing with the FIQ (Finger In Question) right now, and I must admit that it's an astonishing fix. Sure it tingles and aches, but it's most-tolerable at this juncture (I have a high pain threshold, so your mileage may vary) and working fine.

Here's hoping I don't cut my finger...again.

Posted by Johnny - Oh at January 17, 2006 10:48 PM | TrackBack

That whole thing with Eric and his scar makes me shudder. I think its a Mom thing!

A trail of blood?! YIKES!

Posted by: Bou at January 17, 2006 11:36 PM

you just can't be trusted with sharp objects, can you?

Posted by: Contagion at January 18, 2006 09:08 AM

Super glue is great for "sewing" cuts back together.

My hubbies doctor friend says that is what he uses and what a lot of hopsitals use now.

You should always keep a "sanitary" tube of super glue around for emergencies like that.

Posted by: Machelle at January 18, 2006 10:07 AM

.. heh heh... my cut was almost five inches long and 1/2 and inch deep, my Superglue Brother...

.. oh, and don't forget... today is Wednesday...

Posted by: Eric at January 18, 2006 01:07 PM

Let's check the score for those of you who may have come in late...

Yellow Handled Case Knife: 1
Guy Who Purchased It As Part Of An Ongoing Gag: 0

Posted by: Sarah the Penguin at January 18, 2006 01:49 PM

Well, you shouldn't be hacking yourself up, but at least you do it right when you do.

Posted by: That 1 Guy at January 18, 2006 03:55 PM

You failed to mention why you went to run your finger under the water. Hmmmm. Me thinks it went something like. "Go run that under some cold water.) lol You didn't know however, that not only did you leave a bloodtrail from my cubie to the bathroom; I have a spot on a proposal that was on my desk. Nope that's not all. Little splotches on my cubie wall (Since you are okay I have to laugh everytime I see them. Co-workers think I'm cruel to you. lol) I found several spots on my jacket (bounty and water got them out) and still a few dribbles on the floor. You can never undo can you? I'm thinking of a protective suit for you lol. I really like having you around so I have to do something. Have a great night. Love ya, Sis (ME)

Posted by: ME at January 18, 2006 11:02 PM

Come on, ME! I put it in quotes, so I get dispensation for not giving you direct credit. Of course, I AM guilty of using them for emphasis, "but that's not important right now".

BTW Tell the customer who gets the proposal that the blood-stains are "free-of-charge!" It'll tell them that "We're willing to shed blood to get this contract". See how I'm alway's giving?


Posted by: Johnny - Oh at January 19, 2006 08:52 PM
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