February 04, 2006

The Future!

So...I'm hanging out at the bar with a Lady friebnd of mine, and a gentleman sidles up to the bar with his five-year-old progeny. We were conversing on the finer things in life, and where my young friend was to be educated... "MIT" was posited by his Dad as a good choice, but he was vehement against it. A little Rebellion was what we were witnessing.

The young man (Logan was his moniker) was frighteningly intelligent. My comp[anion asked him "what do you want to be when you grow up?" and his responce was: "A Renaissance Man". That's frickin' brilliant!
He was quyizzed on all aspects of his profesion...He scored well on science, music, and art, and he had a wonderful grasp on the concept of "pressure"...as it applies to "all of the above". Just a great kid.

He was provided with a plethora of Bar Napkins to draw out his automotive idea's and he performed stunningly. He drew out five different prototypes.. and the one that will stay with me until the day that I die will be the "Jet-Fast".

If there's ever as brand of automobile that's named so....I'll buy it and drive with pride.

He'll do us all proud, and I'm reasssured as to the Future of the species. When we're bad we're bad, but when we're brilliant we shine.This kid is a shining example of what we all aspire to.

Thank you for restoring my faith in the human animal. I was getting discouraged.

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