May 05, 2006


I guess I bragged a little too quickly on the folks at TimeWarner communications. When I got home from the salt-mine last evening, I booted up the 'Ole Laptop, tagged up on the firefox Icon...and nuttin'. Hmmnn. Peek at the modem, and I see two of the indicator lights flashing in unison... This can't be good. After making a few calls, I got in touch with the local Tech Support crew. After a few ablutions, it was determined that the modem had "TUBE"ed on me, and I'd require a replacement. As luck would have it, the office that has the modems had closed a half-an-hour prior to my learning this, so no-bloggy last night.

In TW's defense, the kid on the Technical Support line didn't jump me through a bunch of hoops. As you may know, I used to do Tech Support for an ISP, and I can tell when someone is reading from a pre-prepared script, and the fella I talked to wasn't. He did a fast diagnosis, and made a decision...and that's my definition of a true technician. When I went in to the office (to do the modem swap) this morning, I was in the building less than ten-minutes, and (obviously) I walked out with a brand new modem.

I brought the new device back to the apartment, and ensured that it was going to function...which it did...I checked my email real quick, and then went back to work. When I arrived at the crib this evening, I pulled up the Interwebs, only to find that anything with a MUNU at the end of it was innaccessible. DANGIT! I can't catch a frickin' break around here! I surfed around to a few sites that weren't hosted by Pixy, and was able to connect no prob'. It took a few hours, but Yahtzee! eventually my site came up, and all the perks that cometh with it.

Like this post... I'm back! For awhile I hope.

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I wasn't the only one who couldn't get to
I've become a lurker, mostly.

Posted by: _Jon at May 6, 2006 09:16 AM

Thanks for stopping by anyhow Jon. Lurk all you want brother.

Posted by: Johnny - Oh at May 6, 2006 08:43 PM
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