June 12, 2006

Not Enough!

I really had a nice and restful weekend... I only did a couple of chores, mow the lawn, do my laundry, clean all the elevator stuff out of my minivan and put the seats back into it... Nice and relaxing.

As I stated previously, I was looking forward to a 50 hour workweek this week, well that plan's now shot. The day started out fairly well, did the sefety meeting at the shop first-thing. Got a few things unloaded off my truck, and headed for the job. This install is in a nearby Presbyterian Church, and when I got there, I was informed that they were holding a funeral service this morning "So, No beating and banging until 11:30 or so." "Beating and Banging" is pretty much what I fucking Do, so I was pretty much stopped all morning. I went and got an oil change in my shop truck, and fetched a few fasteners from the Home Depot, and got an early lunch. By the time I got back, the service was complete, so we commenced to work.

Long about noon, I got the call. Instead of having two weeks to complete this elevator, I've got one. This thing needs to be ready for the adjuster come next Monday come hell or high water. 50 hours? More like 75 or 80. Weekend too, most likely.

Ah well. I did get some rest, but I fear it mightn't been enough.

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