February 04, 2007

All Work and No Play...

Okay, I probably aught to update before I go out of town, so here it is. Work, Workwork, WorkworkworkworkWORK, and in my "spare time" how about some more work? Now, don't take my bitching incorrectly, I still Love my job. However, after so many 10-12-14-(and even a marathon 26)-hour shifts, even the best of jobs can begin to "grate". Despite the fact that the "coffer's are full", I'm still bloody-tired. "Punch Drunk" is the term I'm looking for.

Luckily, when I finally get back to the crib of an evening, the roommate's are hollering and screaming at each other, and the little girl is starved for attention that I'm in no mental state to give. Get five hours of sleep a night, and get up and do it again. Honestly, I'm surprised that I haven't lapsed back into a bottle of bourbon with all of this, but I've managed to fight that urge.

I've thought about trying to take a vacation, but most of my (non-local) friends live decidedly North of the Mason-Dixon, and it's freakin' COLD up there. No point in heading South as I'd be all by my damnself, and that ain't no way for me to have a bunch of fun. I guess I'll wait 'til July or something. If things will let up on me a little, I'm sure I can make it.

It's nice to know that the Boss had enough faith in me to throw these challenges my way. I know that the opportunities that I've been given would not even have been considered if I was working for a Union Shop. (That, and the level of support would have been essentially nil.) I'm still quite proud of what I do, and I can walk away from (most of) my jobs with my head held high. I'm certain that there are more of those to come.

Well, I leave out for Virginia at 5:00 AM, so I guess I should try for some shuteye. I'll try to update again in a week's time. Take care all!

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