May 17, 2008

The spammers have noticed me!

It would appear (by my sitemeter) that a whole bunch of spammers have found my little site a veritable breeding ground for their trade. I've noticed that over the last week or so, my visit counter has jumped more than 200 points, and I haven't even visited it in at least a week. I guess since I've kinda stopped posting, It's nice that someone is visiting... Lemonade and all that.

The job's been interesting. I've been slated to be the new "modernization" guy, so I'm applying a newer add on to an older (circa: 1960) controller. It's interesting and fun and frustrating, all at once. needless to say, I'm learning a ton.

Another development is my taking advantage of the tax refund check. $600 can go a long way, and in the spirit of Kim's BAG day, I did something a little flagrant. Three weeks ago, I purchased a Taurus PT140 Pro handgun in .40 Smith and Wesson. I've run roughly 400 rounds through this weapon without so much as a hint of failure. In order to qualify for the State department of safety's qualifications for a handgun carry permit I had to shoot at least 50 rounds into an approved target. After shooting a box of 50 rounds, my instructor had me shoot another 50 to qualify. Off hand, strong hand obstructed, weak hand obstructed, seated, everything. I scored a 97% hit ratio. I'm proud of that.

My Bianchi carry holster will be in shortly, and pending my application to the department of safety, my Handgun Carry Permit is forthcoming. I'll probably relegate this weapon to my girlfriend, and pick up a .45, but for the time being , I'm packing. .40 should be good enough, No? ...

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