August 19, 2004

No post tonight (In my coffee) no post tonight (In my tea)

Not much I can say this fine evening other than the fact that I went over to Eric's, and tied one on tonight. Very little pool was played, but we made up for it in "conversational drinking". I so enjoy having conversations with people who have stories to tell, and that place is just full of them.

Not to mention the fact that after all the "usual supsects" had cleared out, I wound up sitting in the living room with eric and (after awhile) his wife, arguing the dynamics of blogging, and retail service. What fun!

Other than that, I am entertaining alternate carreer opportunities at this time, that I intend to follow up on shortly. We'll see what happens, and I promise to keep you posted.

Have a good morning night , y'all.

Posted by Johnny - Oh at August 19, 2004 01:01 AM

Is that the sound of a singing career being born that I hear? :-)

Posted by: Harvey at August 19, 2004 02:50 PM

Not hardly, good buddy. I'm just gonna see if I can go somewhere that'll pay me a little more.

Posted by: Johnny - Oh at August 19, 2004 07:27 PM

Have you considered street-corner guitar-playing panhandler as a career option? :-)

Posted by: Harvey at August 20, 2004 11:37 AM

yeah! I'll take my contacts out and play "blind". Maybe I can find an old skateboard to crouch down on too. I can make a mint! :^)

Posted by: Johnny - Oh at August 20, 2004 12:21 PM
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