October 05, 2004

I just gotta be me

Another silly quiz-type thingy, but this seemed sort of appropo.


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From Go-Quiz.com

Hat tip to blog bro That 1 Guy.

Posted by Johnny - Oh at October 5, 2004 09:04 PM

Cripes, what ARE you? A freakin' Care Bear or somethin'?

Posted by: Harvey at October 6, 2004 12:30 PM

OH that was o-r-g-a-n-i-c. I thought it said, "orgasmic" I like orgasmic better. *grin*

Posted by: Boudicca at October 6, 2004 03:36 PM

What? Can't I be cute and cuddly even though I'm not a hairy as you?

What is this organism you speak of? I don't want no critters! ;^)

Posted by: Johnny - Oh at October 6, 2004 04:21 PM

Thanks for the link, but Harvey's right ... this makes you sound "mushy!" :) Organism or no!

Posted by: That 1 Guy at October 7, 2004 03:39 AM

Crap! I forgot your Dad reads your comments. Sorry!

Posted by: Boudicca at October 7, 2004 03:21 PM

Yeah Bou, you should be ashamed. I can't believe you used a dirty world like orgasmic!

Naughty Bou! :-P

Posted by: Harvey at October 7, 2004 06:04 PM

Hey! My Dad is six, and I don't appreciate that sort of language! Six plus zero equals six. Of course, by that logic, my Dad and I share the same age. Three plus three equals six! Oh my goodness! Where's my damn Teddy bear?

Posted by: Johnny - Oh at October 7, 2004 08:44 PM
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