October 06, 2004

"John" of all trades, and a little music

When I went into the navy back in '89, I had to take the ASVAB. That's Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery for those who are uninitiated. I scored a 99 out of a possible 100, and I take that as a point of pride. In the many jobs that I've done since then, I believe that I've validated that assessment. So far, I've been able to do anything that has been asked of me, and been able to take care of any emergencies that have happened around the house or the vehicle. Need your oil changed? I've got you covered. Need drywall repair? Not a problem. Computer acting up? Call doctor John.

Well, this evening I was out with a friend who is attempting to start up a new bidness concern. Basically it's any type of job that will cost less than $25,000. (That's the threshold where you have to have a General Contractor's license) Landscaping, paint work, light construction, light destruction, oil changes, light bulb replacement (automotive), plumbing, you name it. Basically a "Jack of all trades" type of handiman service.

I plan on starting out part time, and I'll see where it goes. Fair price for fair work is what we plan on charging. Small mark-up for supplies. Just a good deal for folks who have no clue about how to do things for themselves.

As a person who's done a little of everything, I find this type of thing to be a good fit for me. I'll certainly give it a go, but the worst part of it is that any regular "down" time will be spent doing this. I promise that my (already spotty) blogging will not suffer as a result. Who needs sleep? I'm still young.

As for the music: I saw an advertisement for a movie the other day, and it included a little snippet of a song that I hadn't heard in years. WEll it got caught in my head, so I had to obtain a copy as quick as possible, and just gorge myself on the tune before I could be okay again. I'm still listening to the damn thing. The song is "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode. I've got it on perpetual loop on my MP3 player as I type this. It's kind of strange that I should find such merit in a song that touts the virtues of faith so compelling.

This happens to me periodically though. I once searched throough an entire phonebook sized catalog of music just to find: LeeRoy Parnell's "Wasn't that a Party?". It must be a particular sickness with me. When I get a song stuck in my head, I've got to hear it over and over until I'm "Over " it . If not I'll wind up "Up on a roof with a Magnum".

I'm thinking that it would not be "too pretty good". What's your opinion?

Posted by Johnny - Oh at October 6, 2004 11:41 PM

I think the "Jack of all Trades" idea sounds great. Both windows on the passenger side of my car need motors (so they'll go up and down) I got a snake in my garage that needs removing - Yes Still) my sprinker line needs repairing in the back and I'd like some shelves built in the office. :)

Do you charge for travel?? LOL

As for the music, I've had a portion of a line from a song I don't know stuck in my head for 10 years now. Honestly. I'll be walking around and all of a sudden....Hey,Hey Paula. I wanna marry you....pops into my head. It makes me frickin' nuts. So yeah, I understand.

Posted by: Tammi at October 7, 2004 12:04 AM

Good luck on the handi-man business! And that's not sarcastic. If you can make it work, it's a pretty cool gig from what I've heard. I used to work in the hardware store downtown, and one of the customers did that. He'd been doing it for years, and he loved it.

As for the music, yeah, I can be the same way. Eric hooked me up with Zevon's "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner," and I've been listening to it a hell of a lot!

Tammi- Seen your song, and immediately thought of "Animal House!"

Posted by: That 1 Guy at October 7, 2004 03:35 AM

The business sounds great, you should try to market it towards "older" people who still have a house. Maybe talk with some senior centers and see if you can advertise or such. Give a "discount" to seniors or something like that.

I understand what your saying on the Music. I just bought the Toby Keith CD with "Courtesy of the Red,White and Blue" on it and have listened to it over and over and over the past 4 days. It's almost out of my system.

Posted by: Machelle at October 7, 2004 08:38 AM

"Patty Hearst... heard the burst... of Roland's Thompson gun and bought it."

Thanks, T1G. Now I'm gonna have to hit Eric up for the mp3 before it drives me nuts :-)

Posted by: Harvey at October 7, 2004 06:02 PM

My Dad did the handy man thing for years and really enjoyed it. I'd say make sure the single women know about you... I'm not implying we women are not handy, but many are not. Also, neighborhoods with big money... typically the man and/or wife are not handy at all and depend on someone to keep it up for them.

Posted by: Boudicca at October 7, 2004 08:49 PM

(grinning) No problem Harvey! Glad to help! :)

Posted by: That 1 Guy at October 8, 2004 01:09 AM

Will you do plastering? We have walls in desparate need of re-skimming and about a hundred little jobs that we don't seem to ever have the time for, plus we would pay danger money for dealing with a vicious Gollum.

Seriously it sounds like a fantastic idea. You think about the hundreds of little jobs people have around the house that they need doing (we really need extra plug sockets, bathroom floor needs doing, cistern needs looking at, etc) and then how many people are willing and able to do this then you have a huge potential market. Good luck with it is what we say!

Posted by: Alex at October 8, 2004 03:39 PM

I just got a great deal on used cars that I wanted. It was tough making a choice which of the used cars to buy, but I did it.

Posted by: Marcy Frye at April 26, 2005 06:03 PM
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