October 18, 2004

First Day...

...went pretty well. I got to sit in on the training meeting for all the "Construction" mechanics, and I got to learn a few good things there. Afterwards I got to watch the safety videos (snore), and got set up with a safety kit. The kit is pretty neat because of all the stuff it contains. Safety glasses, work gloves, first aid kit, a big ole' honkin' rope, a safety clamp, and a harness. As long as I get all this set up right, I can't fall any more than six feet if I happen to lose my footing. I put that rig on and felt like I was ready to tackle Everest. All that ate up the first four hours of the day.

Then I got sent out to a jobsite, and was required to work. Hey! That's a four letter word! I got all dirty and greasy, and played with hammer-drills and climbed ladders. Fun! We damn-near got all the rails up, for a three-stop elevator, in the short time I was on the job. We would have gotten more done, but one of the guys had to go and get anchors to secure the bottom rail section into the block wall of the pit. (How do ya like the jargon? Soundin' like an Elevator Man (tm) already!)

All in all a decent day. Here's to many more, and gettin' better at this. So far, I'm havin' fun.

Posted by Johnny - Oh at October 18, 2004 07:01 PM

Congrats, man! Hope it stays enjoyable for ya! I used to work with large machinery at paper mills, and I loved it. Sometimes, it did get a little old, but it was alot better than being stuck in the shop!

Posted by: That 1 Guy at October 19, 2004 05:05 AM

OOh... you got dirty, hmmm and you wore one of those harnesses that emphasis a certain area .. hmmm ...

Posted by: Machelle at October 19, 2004 08:41 AM

A rope, a harness and a safety clamp. Yeah, I'd be dead. I'd find some way to botch that up and I'd fall to the bottom of the shaft.

What a cool job, though! I'm really excited about this for you. It all happened so fast!

Posted by: Boudicca at October 19, 2004 09:04 AM

I was thinking of you! I'm glad to hear it went well.

How fun! Just no playing Tarzan while you're working!!

And the jargon?!? Ohhhh baby, talk elevator to me!! ;-)

Posted by: Tammi at October 19, 2004 11:57 AM
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