March 17, 2005


Two days ago, I was informed that I was to be going up to Virginia to begin a new job. Stacking the rails in a completely Virgin hoistway. My reply to this information was something along the lines of:"Okay". (I'm not certain you understand. The vagaries of time haunt me.) Wait! I don't think I mentioned that I was in Chattanooga all day yesterday. WEnt back with one of the adjusters, to finish up some nit-picky BS. It was allright, up until the point where there were problems with the door locks. On both freight elevators. This sucked about eight ways from Tuesday, but I came through it with a light heart, as none of these issues were of my creation.

Today, after I returned from Johnson City, TN, (Actually it was Bluff City, but that place only has one stoplight.) it was revealed that instead of heading North (Into snow and cold and much bitchitude), I was to head South. Into Alabama. I realize that the film Deliverance was filmed in Tennessee, but it was based on people from Alabama! (I'm making that up as a defense mechanism.) Are you starting to see why it is difficult for me to make any sort of plans? From one day to the next, I am to be 600 miles North vs. 600 miles South. "Dinner on Thursday?" Sure, but it may have to be at the "East Asshole" McDougal's. Canya make it?

This is the biggest thing that sucks about my current means of employ. I never know where I'll be, or what I'll be doing more than a day in advance. If I do, it is subject to change without notice.

Alas, Such is the life of an Elevator Man.

Posted by Johnny - Oh at March 17, 2005 10:11 PM

Sounds like your life is all ups and downs right now

*giggle* Sorry, it had to be said.

Posted by: Machelle at March 18, 2005 07:25 AM

[throws tomato at Machelle]

Posted by: Harvey at March 18, 2005 01:41 PM

Hence the blog and a laptop are great friends!

Posted by: _Jon at March 21, 2005 10:08 AM
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