April 21, 2005

I can quit whenever I want

I mentioned yesterday that I'd been shooting air-guns quite a bit, but I failed to mention that my roommate had gotten a Daisy Powerline 880. Actually, he got an 880S, which included a little 4 power scope in the package. All I can say is, buy the gun, just the gun. The scope is crap. We futzed with it for three days, and the tightest shot group that we could get with it was about four inches, at a 30 foot range. Let me tell you kids, that sucked, so he went out and got himself a little better scope for it. Much, MUCH, improvement. Now he and I can actually hit what we're aiming at with it.

This afternoon, I got off of work a little early, and had to stop by the Wal-Mart in order to pick up some contact solution, which I got with no trouble. The problem is that I used to work at the store I was shopping in, so I felt obligated to walk around and speak to a few acquaintances that I've made there. One department has a girl working there who is absolutely HOT, so I always stop by to see if she's there. Unfortunately, it's the Sporting Goods Department.

When I amble up to the counter, I realize that it's just Ernie working today. No biggie, I like Ernie, so I decided to have a chat with him to see how he's been faring lately. As I sidle up there, he is suddenly called to do a "customer Service" chore out in the Toy department. Crap. Well, I guess I'll wander over to Electronics, and see if the other "Hot Chick" is working today. Much to my dismay, the air-gun section of the store is situated between where I currently am, and where I was going, so I stopped over for a peek at the new merchandise. I'm thinking that it might have been a mistake.

I came away with a Crosman PumpMaster (Shut Up Harvey) 760, and a scope to adorn the top of it. (You may have noticed that my scope is the same as my roommate's excepting its coloration, and you'd be correct in your observation. However, mine is prettier and has much more panache, so I Win!)

I first rey it with "open" sights, and find it to be fairly accurate., but when I mounted (Shut Up Harvey) the scope that I was "just a shave" off the mark to the left, so I made an adjustment. I "shimmed" out the right rear corner of the sight so that it would come In-line with the barrel, and found that I was "onto" something. Something like accuracy.

This evening we played many shooting games with our spent aluminum cans. First, there was "dancing can" wherin, after the can is knocked over, you proceed to make it spin and whirl in the most interesting way. From there, I came up with the idea that it would be fun to see how many shots a can could sustain before falling over. Both of our rifles were compressed to max capacity, so we laid on. he won one, and I won one, and damn it was fun.

For the final test of "shootage", I decided upon a ture game of sport, Camel hunting. You see, I smoke Camel Lights cigarretes in a "Hard Pack" (Shut Up Harvey), and you may have noticed that there's a Camel printed on the front of each pack. Your objective (If you choose to accept it) is to "kill the Camel". At this time, it's getting dusky-dark, but we continue unabated. After several rounds, we resolve that he is a good shooter, but I am more consistent. He hit the camel 3 times, and so did I, although my misses, were between his legs (Shut Up Harvey), and his were all over the place, we both managed to hit the target with every shot.

I cannot explain to you how much fun I'm having with this. Just rest assured, that I'm not addicted to shooting. Nor am I better at it than my roommate. It'd get him upset to know that, and we wouldn't want that, would we?

Posted by Johnny - Oh at April 21, 2005 10:40 PM

You forgot to tell me to shut up after the word "spent" :-P

Posted by: Harvey at April 22, 2005 01:06 PM
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