September 08, 2005

But...that wagon is FAST!

I've got this little comic that I cut out of a newspaper years ago. It's just one panel, but it is quite poignant in what it has to say. The strip was called "Real Life Adventures" and I have no idea what paper it came out of, or how long I've had it.

The panel has a man on the left holding a glass, and a woman on the right whith a finger pointing towards the glass. The conversation goes thus:

Man: "I decided I've been drinking too much beer, so I've given it up on weekdays."

Woman: "That's a good idea. What do you have there?"

Man: "Scotch"

The caption below the comic reads "Some believe it's better to get on the wagon one leg at a time."

Afew day's ago, I made the mistake of purchasing another big bottle of Bourbon. My thinking (when I bought it) was, that I'd just have a shot before I went to bed to help me get to sleep. The problem is that "a shot" leads to another one, and then to a full glass, and then to several full glasses. I wound up completely "blasted off my ass" when I posted my little missive last night. I wound up late for work this morning.


I'm a person who takes a lot of pride in my profession, and for me to neglect my partner in favor of a bottle of goddamn booze is just not acceptable. Unfortunately for me, it means only one thing. I gotta go Cold Turkey. No more Hard Stuff while I'm sitting here alone, which means there can be no more liquor around my house with my name on it. I'll still have a beer or three each evening, but I intend to report to all of you how many I've had before I sleep each night.

It's not much, but it's something. If I have to write out how much I drink here, then maybe it'll help me accept how much is going into my gullett, and help me cut back. It's worth a try right?

Tonight's count: 1 ten-ounce glsss of bourbon on the rocks (It's the last of the bottle I purchased a few days ago), and five 12oz. beers.

Trust me when I tell you that this is already a "Light Night" for me. There's normally (at least) three more bourbons tacked on there. I'm gonna get this shit in check before I wind up drinking my fool self to death.

Let's hope that the "Wagon" slow's down a bit.

Posted by Johnny - Oh at September 8, 2005 01:28 AM | TrackBack

That can be a hard step to make. There was a time I was drinking close to a bottle of Jack Daniels a night, and I'm not talking the whimpy 750ml size.

I'm down to drinking on the weekends and during sports events. However I haven't noticed too much of a decrease in my overall consumption of alcohol.

Posted by: Contagion at September 8, 2005 08:30 AM

I wish you well. There will come a time when we *all* need to cut back and I can only hope that I am as astute as you have been when it is mine. And it is coming...... I know it is......
Boo. :(

Posted by: Richmond at September 8, 2005 09:40 PM

Light is good. No matter the version.

I'm very proud of you.

Posted by: Tammi at September 9, 2005 07:47 AM

i'm proud of you too, and i'll pray for you.

Posted by: sarahk at September 14, 2005 03:47 PM
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