September 09, 2005

The Count

It was a fairly busy day, and I watched the Nascar truck race this evening (I dozed through half of it, Oval-track racing does that to me.). We were going "Wide Open" all day at work and managed to get a few things accomplished. The worst thing was dealing with idiotic electrician's. I swear that I've never met such, unobservant stupid people in my life. They were running new 110v AC for our car lights, and had to mount new disconnects in the machine room. After about a three-minute debate about which controller was One,Two, or Three, I just threw my hands in the air and pointed to the numbers that are stencilled into the face of each one. It finally sunk in, and I could get back to doing my job.

At any rate, I'm frickin' tired. My roommate has decided that he wants to chat about his video game and such, so he is now yammering in my ear about it. He's one of the types of people who has no internal volume control, so he's practically yelling about it, while the girls are trying to sleep in the other room. I've tried and tried to tell him that he does this, but to no avail. Great. No Jenny just came out of her room and started bitching because he's so damn loud. This'll help me get to sleep.

I'm through yammering for tonight. Work looms early on the morrow. The count is: 8 twelve-ounce beers, but I'm certain it'll turn into nine before it's all done tonight.

Posted by Johnny - Oh at September 9, 2005 12:01 AM | TrackBack

These past few posts of yours have been very familiar territory to me. I recall some of the conversations we've had, and it's almost as if they were prophetic. At any rate, I admire your honesty, the ability to point a criticizing finger at yourself, and (more than anything) your decision to do something besides talk.

Posted by: Tuck at September 10, 2005 03:04 PM
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