November 14, 2005

Work Update.

Last Monday, the call came down. Kev's phone rang in the early afternoon (I don't have a phone provided by the shop) and the boss wanted to speak to me. He asked if it would be allright if he sent me to help out Ed and get a two-stop holeless hydraulic elevator started, as the building is scheduled to be turned over quite soon, and there were a few people out sick. Well what could I say? I told him "Sure".

It was initially to be just for Tuesday, but that afternoon, the Boss stopped by and asked if I could stay another day. He stopped again Wednesday, and asked if I could work out the week. Friday he stopped by again, and we all went to lunch. I asked him what his intentions were for me to do, and he had decided to go ahead and pair me with Ed for the forseeable future. I've got no problem's with htat, I can work with anybody.

Meanwhile, back at the Hospital... Kev has been powering on with the last of the big traction's. It was determined that the hospital's "Service Guy" was to help him out in my absence. He called me this afternoon with the news that he'd turned the last car loose on automatic. With the lesson's that we'd learned putting the first two in, there were no instances of the problems that we'd seen previously. He just had to plug the numbers into the computer, and turn that mother loose. I'm proud to say that the fabrication work that I put into the job had something to do with the ease of adjustment.

Working with Ed has been a learning experience. He's around 6'3" tall and wieghs about 390 lbs. He's so strong that he has used that aspect of him as a crutch to lean on. He winds up doing things the hard way just because he thinks that his strength will overcome it. He's been taking 3 to 4 weeks to put in a two-week elevator. It's my job to teach him how to get it done on time. The dichotomy is kinda cool... He's reminding me of what I forgot about building these little elevators, and I'm teaching him how to do it better/quicker. Don't get me wrong... I'm still letting him Fuck Up and do things the slow way, but I'll let him know where the mistakes were on the back end... Gently. Ed is a smart dude, but he doesn't have much confidence in his brainpower... I'll give him that.

Did I mention that Ed is the Bosses Son? I didn't think so. Work'll be interesting for awhile, until Ed comes up to speed. Then I'll be running my own crew. It's gonna be bitchin'.

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I'm surprised Ed can fit into the elevator shaft :-)

Posted by: Harvey at November 16, 2005 10:41 AM
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