June 20, 2007


It was Memorial Day weekend. I had decided that I was going to take the whole three days off, and that WAS FINAL. I hadda buncha shtuff to do to get my affairs in order around the house, and I also was in dire need of some actual relaxation.

Saturday. Chores and more chores. They were performed in a leisurely fashion, but they were done nonetheless. Sunday, Down at the lake and hanging out with my Sister and Brother In Law. Water, Sun, Companionship, and Beer. I think I stood up to go take a leak, and it hit me... I immediately noticed that there was something strange, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I went ahead and relieved myself, and studied on the situation... Still couldn't figure it out, so I went back out on the deck and cracked another beer.

About half-way through my beverage, it occurred to me that it was not anything that had been added to my life, but something subtracted... Pain.

Friends, I can do multiple Pull-Ups on demand. I can pull a Twelve hour shift in Ninety degree heat. I can lift more than my own body weight, over and over, any time that it's needed. I can work six (and even seven) day's a week.

I can do all of this for at least a year straight. But I can't do it no more. From here on out, I'll be working Ten or Twelve hours. Five days a week. Stuff wil still get "Did". But I'll not be killing myself to get it done.

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