October 25, 2007

This is why I never make plans...

So... I was hanging out at the Circus last Sunday. I'm Thirty-Six years of age, but it's the first time I've actually been to one (that I remember anyway), and I made the mistake of not turning off my cellular device during the show. Due top this happenstance, I spoke to our dear "Straight White" friend, to confirm my attendance to his shindig. Well, the conversation was short, but I confirmed, and advised that I'd confer with him at a more opportune time.

Later that evening, we palavered, and affirmed that it would be acceptable for me to install my camper onto "Hell's Half Acre" for the duration of my stay. I'm looking forward to the inaugural deployment of my latest acquirement of camp-style utilities, except for the fact that I'll be sleeping in a tent for a couple of nights. Sometimes it's fun, but this time it's October. I've got decent sleeping bags, so I'm sure that it'll be fine.

This Monday, I was informed that I'd be installing a conveyance into a school (which I've done before), but the Boss caught me and explained about the "opportunities" that were present in this project. Whenever he uses this language, I know that it will require a Herculean effort on my part. "All the Overtime you can stand" is a direct quote. It's Okay, I'm up to the challenge. It's the end of day four, and I've got a good run on building the cab. Tomorrow we set the car-top, and complete the "Mechanicals".

It never fails... whenever I make a plan more than a few day's in advance, this type of thing happens. Gonna take a vacation? My vehicle breaks down. A trip? An injury occurs. A night out? No 'Sitter. A birthday for someone in the family? No cash. I want to leave for a few day's? Relationship is in a Nightmare stage.

Not this time. Everything is cool. Girlfriend and her daughter will "miss me", but they'll get along. "Press Time" on the elevator, but it's been met. Good Scotch for my host? Not so much... I've got bills to pay.

Doesn't matter. I'm gonna have a good time this weekend. And I wish you were here.

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October 03, 2007

So Why the Hell are you blogging now!!?

Well, just to break up the monotony I guess. I mean, I've been lurking about so many sites that post regularly, that I've been positively shamed into finally writing.

I've been busy entertaining myself for the past month or so. I've been to a Monster Truck Show (opinion: Meh. It was in a local civic auditorium that isn't even big enough for them to haul in any dirt. There were just five trucks. The headliner truck was one that comes in at the lower 25% of the trucks that show up in big venues. Fun? Sure. But it wouldn't have been worth the price of admission if Jenny hadn't scored us some free tickets from a local radio station.

Went to the local fair, and I'm pissed off about it. My favorite part of any fair is the small engine show. They have all sorts of neato machines that are old and run on interesting means of propulsion... ie: Internal combustion engines that are sparked by wax candles! How cool is that? Unfortunately I was held fast to the main midway, and the Demolition Derby. Folks, If you've never been to a Live Demo Derby, you should do this before you die. I've not had more fun (with my clothes on) for a whole lotta years. Cars careening off of one another, mud flying, and sensational crashes. Friends, It just don't get any better.

I got to spend a wonderful evening on Mom and Dad's houseboat, watching a couple of million dollars worth of fireworks being shot off. Got my Mom to do a quilt/wall hanging for the house, and replaced a few light fixtures. I took a week off for a vacation, and didn't go anywhere. And I've built a few elevators.

I don't know about your life, but I just call this... life. I'm loving it. I hope you are too.

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