November 30, 2007

No One Cares...

You see, I had a slight mishap today. No, it wasn't anything like "an elevator done crasheded on my head" or nothing. I just went to hop up out of the pit (4 feet deep) in a manner most spry, and I failed. On occasion I've been able to just jump straight up, stick out my left foot (bent at the knee) and land on the, well, the landing. This time, I was unable to get my foot up high enough (Had a hitch in my git-along) so I had to push my knee forward, and land on my shin. Needless to say, I bruised my boo-boo.

I'm a rough and tumble construction worker (or Woika, as Jimbo might say) so shortly afterward, I just kinda forgot about it. Until this evening when my bad habit of sitting on my legs kicked in. A direct quote from me at this happenstance would be: "Ouchie". After extracting my leg from under myself, I rolled up my pants leg to assay the damage. Nice big bruise, accompanied by a divot that was created by a section of "rebar" that was protruding from the incomplete sill. Nice.

Jennifer, angel that she is, came over to look at my most recent injury. She first commented on the severity of the injury, but it was the next question that really stung: "I'll betcha Bobby (My Helper) didn't even kiss it, did he?". Followed shortly by: "I can't believe he didn't Kiss it and make it better!". Then. Then. THEN!. You know what she did? I'll frickin' tell you. She Walked Away.

So... Here I sit (dejected I might add) at my keyboard. Regaling you all with my tale of woe. With an Un - Kissed Boo Boo. Here in a minute. I'm gonna eat some worms.

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November 26, 2007

Don't know why...

but I've been thinking about religion again lately. I think maybe it's because of this story I heard about on the radio today. The Money-Quote for me is

"I didn't like having a termination, but it would have been immoral to give birth to a child that I felt strongly would only be a burden to the world."
(Emph. Mine.) I find it interesting that she chose the word "Immoral" to describe the situation, and would be willing to bet more than I have, that her religious persuasion is either: Agnostic, or Atheist.

It's been my experience that people who are not satisfied by traditional religions, usually pick something that's a rough substitute for what they didn't get from God. They attend the meetings with the same fervor. They are activists, trying to draw other people to their beliefs. They place upon themselves the same limitations that a "believer" does. They are just human beings looking for a bit of reason and substance in a world that contains little of each.

So they Manifest it.

I've encountered a lot of Atheists, and "Secular Humanists" that have gotten on the bandwagon of "In God We Trust" should not be printed upon the American Dollar, and others that think that "Under God" should not be a part of the Pledge of Allegiance".

These people are Idiots in intelligent clothing.

What they don't figure out is that, the lack of religion, can become a religion in itself. "I may not believe in God... But the Lord Environment will become harmed if I don't behave in a certain way."

Something that I discovered, was that I was alone. I found out that I was a true aberration... I am an Atheist Without Agenda. I don't want you to believe what I do. But ,If you do, you must concede that there is a higher power that youo cannot understand, that you can't explain away.

If you can... You Are Normal. If You can't, Then You Are Strange.

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November 23, 2007

I know.. I KNOW!

it's been a freakin' Month! Here's the excuse list:

1. Work... I spent two weeks running around doing adjuster stuff, and the last two I've spent up in Virginia Coal Country, slamming one in.

B. Vehicles... I've been having the very dicken's of a time with Jenny's van. A few weeks ago, the damned thing stopped running right, and I've thrown the book at it. Fuel filter, distributor cap & rotor button, plugs, wires, Idle Air Control Valve, Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor, and a few vacuum lines. All this and six weeks later, it's finally fixed. Getting calls from a freaked out woman whose vehicle has just stalled for the umpteenth time, is no fun. Not fixing on the first try is even less fun.

Trois: Here lately, writing comes Hard. it's not as fun as it used to be, or the release that it once was. I must censor myself in so many ways to keep from hurting people I care about, or myself, that it's more like work than any job I actually Do. I'll still do it, mainly due to the very fine friends that I've made over the course of writing this thing. It's special, and I can't let that die.

Wow, that was Heavier than I expected it to be. Ah fuck it. I'll put up the new links to the people that I met at Eric's later. Erica, Jerry, Bou, Teresa, Sissy, Mo, Jim, Denny, Tommy, Rick, Georgia, Eric, Fiona, Eric's brother (sorry I can't remember his name), Gary, and... his wife (dammit, another name I can't remember... Curse you, demon spirits!).

It was the Best time I've had without my "Ersatz" family, in as long as I can remember. Thanks all.

Okay, I'll hit Post now.

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