April 20, 2009

Nothing Personal, but You're Not Invited...

You see, I've been sent "out", once again, to the beautiful environs of the South-East Kentucky coal country. Harlan to be exact. Got a little project up here that (I hope) is only going to take a week to get done. Seeing as how I get married in a little over two weeks!!!!

"What's this? Married? Where's my invitation? I was there when he first started on the internet. If he hadn't already boycotted himself, I'd boycott the living crap out of him!"

Yupper's! The nuptuals go down on Saturday May 9th, at (undisclosed location) and at (undisclosed time). It's been kind of fun for me helping plan the ceremony. "What kind of music do you want sweetie?" gets my reply of "The only song I give a Tinker's Damn about is the Wedding March!" What about detail "x" or detail "y"? gets a reply of "The only thing I care about is that we're married at the end of this! Everything else is just stage dressing!"

I'm just glad that we are having a small ceremony that is just close friends and family. Personally, I think that if you spent "2 months salary" on the engagement ring, you might want to rethink your priorities in these trying times. Sure, she deserves it, but I gotta keep the lights on for those 2 months, so let's do that.

At any rate, I'll be a happily married man in a few weeks, and I've never been more excited in my life. I'd have invited every one (or even both) of my readers if I thought I could pull it off, but alas it's not to be. Just around 25 to 30 folks is about right.

So now you know what's been keeping me away from the keyboard for so long. When I ain't working, I'm spending time with my Sweetie! Who knew that being happy would be bad for blogging?

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