June 07, 2009

Yes Friends....

I am now a married man. So what has changed? Absolutely nothing.

We are still as silly as we were before. The inside jokes are the same as before. It's essentially everything it was before, but more. My Wife is someone who I'll always be true to, because she's mine. As the minister said "You are now more than yourselves... You're One".

When we first got together, I told her that what I was looking for was a Partner, and I've truly found one. I also told her that I would likely be out of town after the honeymoon, and that's been the case. It's still the same. She tries to rake care of everything when I'm in town, and fails. but it's all the same.

All I know that is I'm blessed to have her, Just the same. It's what I wanted, It's what I deserve. It's the same.

Ever shall it be so. Amen.

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